whatsapp privacy policy changes

whatsapp privacy policy changes

whatsapp privacy

WhatsApp’s new data privacy policy has been challenged

in the Delhi High Court. Advocate Chaitanya Rohilla has filed

a petition against it. It says that the new WhatsApp policy is a

violation of the right to privacy given to India’s people. It is illegal to share user data.

No monitoring of the activity of WhatsApp

The petition said that the new WhatsApp policy means that

people’s online activity will always be monitored. All of this will

happen without government oversight. Therefore, WhatsApp policy

should be immediately banned.

whatsapp privacy settings

Court directs the government to make guidelines.
Rohilla also requested the court to direct the Ministry of Electronics

and IT to make guidelines so that WhatsApp users’ data could not be

shared with Facebook or any other company. There is currently no data

monitoring authority. Therefore, users are entirely dependent on the

privacy policy of the company. Advocate Rohilla says that India has

signed the International Rule on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Therefore, data security is the responsibility of the government.

What is WhatsApp’s new policy?

whatsapp privacy policy
The company can use them to upload, submit, store, send or receive

content on WhatsApp. The company can also share that data.

This policy comes into effect from 8 February 2021. If the user does

whatsapp privacy lock

not ‘Agree’ this policy, then after 8 February he will not use his account.

Cleaning the company, user’s private messages will not be shared.

However, the company has also clarified criticism over the new policy.

whatsapp privacy policy changes

He says that this policy does not threaten the private message of the user.

That is, chats with friends or family will be safe all over. Only messages sent

to business accounts will come under the purview of the new policy.

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