what is google tax

what is google tax

google tax

The US has objected the Google levy equalization levy in India.

This is the second time America has objected to this. Earlier

in June 2020, he had said that this tax was not allowed. The United States

Trade Representative (USTR) says that US companies are being

discriminated against with this tax. USTR acts as a trade policy for the US.

The USTR has also issued notices to several countries for tax scrutiny.

This includes India, Austria, Brazil, European Union, Italy, Indonesia,

google tax india

Spain, Turkey and Britain. It has said that the US can increase the tax

on items exported to these countries. Because of this situation, the trade

war between India and America can start.

What is the equalization levy or Google tax?

Many companies like Google, Facebook from India earn crores of

rupees from advertising. The legislation was enacted from April 1, 2020,

to bring them under the tax net. The scope of the equalization levy includes

provisions related to the online and digital advertising space. Foreign

google tax in india

companies that do more than Rs 2 crore business annually in India will

have to pay 2% digital tax.

Google, Amazon, Facebook have complained.

American companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have complained to

USTR about objecting to digital service tax. He has opposed taxation

of income from online sales and advertising. America says that many

companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, eBay,

and Zoom are being targeted with this tax. However, the income of these

companies in India is billions of rupees.

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Last year Google paid 604 crores of tax.

According to USTR, more than 86 of its companies fall under the equalization levy.

These are the highest compared to other countries. In such a situation,

India is discriminating against these companies. Google paid Rs 550 crore

during the financial year 2017-18 due to the equalization levy. At the same time,

he has paid 604 crore rupees during 2019-20.

That is, in two years it has given Rs 1154 crore.

what is google tax

Investigation under Trade Act of 1974

USTR is investigating India regarding digital service tax.

The investigation has been named the section 301 investigation,

as it will be investigated under section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.

This section empowers the US USTR to examine if a country’s

discriminatory attitude negatively impacts America’s trade.

India needs to be intimidated by America’s warning on the equalization levy.

In a similar case, the US has imposed a 25% tax on certain items exported to France.

France also increased Google tax on American companies.

It is believed that Trump may take action against India, Italy and

Turkey before he leaves his presidency. If this happens, then many

items coming from America will become expensive.

This will have a direct impact on people’s pockets.

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