sleep survey 2021

sleep survey 2021

sleep survey

Every person sleeps for more than 9 hours in China

Every person in America watches television for two and a half

hours every day. People in India spend a quarter and a half hours

taking care of themselves. People in Britain have more than five hours

of free time a day. This information has been collected by the

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

It has figures for work, sleep, food hours and free time. For this,

a day-to-day routine of women and men between 15 and 64 years has been recorded.

Where there is no time for fun, people are more unhappy.

According to Our World in Data, people enjoy the most of their

leisure time, such as eating outside, sleeping in bed, going to a game,

playing games on a computer, or watching a movie. At the same time

, people like to do homework and find jobs; they enjoy the least.

According to the website, in countries where people work more and

do not have free time to hang out, there are more complaints of people

being unhappy and dissatisfied.

People in Britain have the freest time.

TV viewing time is double in China compared to India.

This time is two and a half times in the US. “The world of China’s

Internet is limited, so it is so,” says Dr Nidhi. People in Britain have more

than 5 hours of free time daily. In the US, this figure is slightly less than 5 hours.

People in India are free for 4:13 hours, while in China for less than

4 hours. Psychologist Himani Kulkarni emphasizes the importance

of free time. She says that free time is essential for human mental

powers and enhances our ability to work. The lack of free time

reduces human creativity.

There is no equal in giving jobs to women.

There is also a difference in the work and comfort figures of

working women worldwide—employed women in India where 20% are.

At the same time, more than 72% of women in the UK, more than 60% in

China and more than 50% of women in America.

In women’s case, it is not limited to non-equal jobs, but it is more visible

in the hours of rest. According to Our World in Data, domestic work is

for which women do not get money. Also, it does not allow women to get rest time.

Psychologist Himani says that women in India have much less free time and

sleep time than men.

90% of the 24 hours people spend sleeping, eating and rest

The OECD report says that humans worldwide spend 90% of their 24 hours a

day sleeping, eating and resting. According to the study, Chinese people sleep

the most worldwide. Indians are at number two. They sleep 15 minutes less

than the Chinese. Rice plays an essential role in this.

Professor, who taught history of China at Banaras Hindu University (BHU).

Keshav Mishra says, ‘People in China are greeted by saying’ Chi Pao La ‘.

It means- did you eat rice? It is also well-liked in India. Rice is related to

fatty food. Medical science also considers heavy eaters to be more sleepy.

The Chinese people’s eating habits are such that Prince Philip, husband

of the British Queen Elizabeth, commented on this. He had said,

“People of China can eat everything if they leave a four-legged chair and a flying plane.”

India and China spend the most time on cooking.

India and China spend more time on food and drink than America.

This is due to the long process of cooking. Nutrition expert Dr Nidhi

says about this, ‘China has a family culture. Everyone is involved in the housework.

There is a discussion on cooking. Eating deliciously is very important.

Lifestyle expert Ranjit Vasu says that keeping cook has now reached the

tier 2-3‌ city of India. Therefore, the average cooking time is now 84 minutes.

Due to the variety of food, it takes more time for us to cook.

Chinese people work 45 minutes more than Indians.

Every Chinese person works on average, 45 minutes more than Indians.

Pro. Keshav Mishra explains, ‘In China, work starts from 7.30 am.

There is a full one hour holiday in the afternoon. There is also an instant

gold culture after eating food. People’s life in China has also changed since

China’s 1978 economic revolution. These are the reasons why people in China

work the most in the world and sleep the most. The economic condition,

culture and environment of all three contribute to it.

Less work than Indians, but earning many times more

People of China earn four times more than us by working 45 minutes more than

India’s people. However, people in Britain and America earn around

20 to 25 times more, despite working less than Indians.

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