second dose

second dose

Cavisheeled vaccine will be available for the first phase of vaccination.

It is being told that within two-three days, the vaccine will get the vaccine.

CavityShield will have a multi-dose voice. A cell will have a 5 mL

dose, 0.5 mL per person is to be administered, a cell will contain

ten injections. In the district, 17972 thousand health workers have

been registered on Kavin App. In such a situation, 1800 vials are

going to be received for his first daze.

However, it will depend on the availability that if India gives two

doses of vaccine together, it will get 36000 days together. Each

beneficiary will also get a second dose after 28 days. The entire

monitoring mechanism of the vaccine will operate from the Kovin app.

Each district will be given an additional 10 percent voice from the fixed-dose,

which is determined according to the protocol. Because in transportation

there is often a possibility of breakdown or breakdown of some boils.

The Government of India and the State Government have also issued

a separate SOP for vaccination or misuse.

ACMHO Dr. CP Geswami said that 17 thousand 972 health workers had

been registered in the district. The demand of Dage has been sent to the

government. From now onwards, it will be decided how many days are

given for each district. Here, there will be a dry run at seven places in the

district at 10 am on Wednesday. IMHO Dr. CP Geswami said that there

would be a dry run in Banerda, Phulia, Mandal, Gulabpura, Gangapur,

Mandalgarh, Kendi.

Only authorized persons enter the cold chain room; the vaccine will open

in front of the vehicle in-charge.

The Kovid-19 vaccine will only be used under the national Kovid-19 vaccination

program. According to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rule

1945, any unauthorized storage/distribution/purchase, or sale of the

Kovid-19 vaccine is a punishable offense. In the case of this, the District

Drug Controller or Authorized Officer will have to be informed.

The nodal officer will be nominated at the district level to report misuse

of the vaccine and related follow-up proceedings. Physical verification

(counting) of all vaccine vials at the time of receiving or supplying the stock.

The broken or damaged vaccine will have to be reported to the Medical Officer

/ Vaccine Store Incharge. The Medical Officer / Incharge will have to give a

physical examination, calculation, and photo of the coil to the District

Reproductive and Child Health Officer.

The supplier store will be responsible for the loss of more than ten

violations during transport. In addition to proper packing of the cold box

by the supply store, proper stacking of the van’s cold box must be done to

protect the vials from damage.

All or partially used and empty Kovid-19 vaccine vials will be returned

to the cold chain point on the same day after vaccination and matched

with the total supplied vials, which will be treated as unopened vaccine vials.

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