National board of accreditation nba full form

National board of accreditation nba full form

the National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

nba full form

According to American author Daniel H. Pink, creative people

inspire three things: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. It is to

be noted here that if a person or organization is skilled and

its purpose is clear, it should be given autonomy to work independently.

This will enable rapid development of it and its stakeholders.

The graded autonomy given to universities or educational

institutions in higher education is based on this thinking.

After receiving the autonomy grade, academic institutions

national board of accreditation (nba)

can independently decide for the students’ correct development

without any interference. However, this recognition is given only

to those institutions which have given quality education to students

with various facilities. Meaning, whose performance is good, he is

given autonomy according to that, to make himself better.

In this, the institute has the freedom to make changes in the

curriculum itself to develop in the right direction with the changing times.

Apart from this, the institute can also hire foreign faculty to

full form of nba

provide good education to children. Even international students

can enroll in institutions.

At the same time, autonomy is also given to open research parks

and incubation centers. Another advantage of this is that institutions

can also collaborate with the world’s top universities. In this way,

students in institutions with graded autonomy get excellent exposure.

This will increasingly lead to modern education.
Recently two other campuses of Jaipuria Institute of Management,

Jaipuria Noida and Jaipuria Jaipur, have got autonomy graded by the

All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Earlier, Jaipuria

Institute of Management – Lucknow received this prestigious award.

It is a matter of pride for Jaipuria, the country’s leading B-school group

that runs PGDM programs. Explain that the grading of any institute is

based on international and domestic rankings and recognition systems.

They get autonomy only after the Council’s regulatory oversight

nba sar

. AICTE is a large and respected governing body, and it is a matter

of great pride for any institute to receive this honor. Such an honor gives

dual responsibility to educational institutions. First, to ensure that the

institutions continue to follow the set criteria and provide opportunities

for students to grow and excel.

How to get recognition

It is investigated by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) validation team.

The accreditation team looks at how the university or institution performs

in curriculum, learning, evaluation, research, infrastructure, governance,

and leadership. On this basis, they are given a score.

The following initiatives of Jaipuria contributed to the award of Graded Autonomy:

1. Incubation Entrepreneurship Center. 2. Start of the Fellow Program in Management.

3. Thought Leadership Series, which was praised by the NBA Accreditation Team.

4. Strong Community Program 5. Initiatives for Executive Education, including National

Health Mission, Airport Authority of India, etc.

The developed and influential curriculum of Jaipuria Institute of Management helps in

the overall development of the students. It has not only changed itself over time but

has also been continually introducing students to industry inputs

graduate attributes nba

. Jaipuria aims to provide new age education to students with a strong

and industry experience faculty. Jaipuria’s endeavor for students is to lead

them towards holistic development and prepare them for future challenges

and develop as global professionals.

What’s next plan

Jaipuria always wants to maintain diversity among faculty and students,

keeping in mind the industry trends offering new-age courses like Business

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence. Great placement; the inclusive profile is a

testament to this. It has been in favor of development and wants to strengthen

what it has built in the last two and a half decades.

Now, Jaipuria focuses on AACSB international accreditation for all

its campuses and is moving in the right direction. However, there is

no doubt that graded autonomy accreditation will ease the way forward

and influence B school plans.

The process of admission for the academic session 2021-23 has started.

Jaipuria Institute of Management has also announced a

scholarship of Rs 3.89 crore for deserving students.

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