Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

In the US, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

has issued a bulletin to police chiefs of all 50 states. It states

that there is a threat of mass violence during the swearing-

in ceremony of President Elect Joe Biden on 20 January. America’s

largest investigative agency said in the bulletin – You should be on

high alert before January 20 and a few days later. Radical violence

can spread. A few days ago, CNN reported similar alerts, citing

investigative agency sources. The confirmation was later denied

by the Homeland Security Department. Now the FBI itself has

issued a bulletin telling how big the danger is.

Intelligence reports found

According to a New York Times report, FBI Director Christopher

Vary and Homeland Security Kenneth Cusanelli had a long meeting

on Wednesday. Shortly afterwards, the Chiefs of other Intelligence

Agencies also met the two officers. There was a meeting again

in the evening and shortly thereafter, the FBI issued this bulletin.

The biggest threat to security and investigative agencies is about

New York and Washington DC.

The possibility of violence is increasing

The House of Representatives approved the impeachment motion

on President Donald Trump on Wednesday night. However, it should

not make much sense. This is because Democrats have a majority in the

House. However, the impeachment will be decided in the Senate. And

there are Democrats in majority. There are deep fears that Democrats

will be able to get a two-thirds majority.

But white fanatics and Trump supporters are extremely angry with this

exercise. These same people had committed violence inside and outside

Parliament on Thursday last week. Five people, including a woman and a

police officer, were killed. These groups can then commit violence.

Which states are more at risk

CNN, citing FBI sources, has reported that the danger is much greater

in states where Republican Party governments and governors are. However,

the incidence of political violence in the US is rare or negligible.

However, there were several occasions when police and protesters

clashed during protests. The same thing happened last Thursday.

The FBI has since been investigating the matter. So far 33 people

have also been arrested.

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