Features of Uttar Pradesh Poultry Loan Scheme

Features of Uttar Pradesh Poultry Loan Scheme

Poultry Loan Scheme

There is a need for the availability of chicken eggs and chicken all the time in our country. In such a situation, doing poultry farming can prove to be a profitable deal. The good news for you is that to start this business, both the central and state governments will help you by providing subsidy and loan on it. Then what are you waiting for? If you are willing to do this business, then apply for it? How will you use this, and how much subsidy and loan will you get in it. We are giving you information about all these things here.

Features of Uttar Pradesh Poultry Loan Scheme

Assistance in starting your own business: – This scheme has been created by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to help the youth start their own business. So that self-sufficiency remains in them.
Income opportunity for farmers also: – Through this scheme, the Government of Uttar Pradesh provides additional income opportunity to farmers by helping them with farming and animal husbandry, and poultry farming.
Loan facility: The state and central government provide this facility to the person starting a poultry unit in this scheme. They can get the loan on subsidy and pay only a few percent of the rest by the governments. It will be done. Before this, the subsidy scheme for poultry farming has also been started in Haryana.
Proof of license and cleanliness: – The Uttar Pradesh government will also provide the support and evidence of cleanliness for the poultry unit to the beneficiary.

Requirements in Uttar Pradesh Poultry Loan Scheme

The Uttar Pradesh government has determined the essential requirement for this poultry loan scheme, that this unit should be started at a clean place.
Apart from being a clean place, the poultry farmers will also have to keep in mind that their poultry unit should be in a place where it is easy to reach, i.e., it is just a few miles away from the village and the city. One of these will be that people will be able to get there quickly, and secondly, animals will not have any problem due to the noise of the city and other issues.
The location you have chosen for chickens requires that it be on a slightly higher surface than the road, about 10 inches. So that other creature such as rats and snakes do not make their bills. Apart from this, the wall should be partially open so that the chickens can get enough air.
Choose good quality chickens. People will be attracted towards your poultry unit, such as their head wide, big egg-laying, and their crested red, big belly and skin should be soft and shiny.
Along with a place for chickens, it is essential to take good care of their diet, including water, sugars, proteins, minerals, and vitamin-rich things. All these diets are such which help in the growth of chickens. You can also prepare this diet yourself, or you can buy it from the market.
Apart from this, a vessel will also be needed for the diet; there should be a tray and box to lay eggs. Along with this, there should be a complete system of vaccination and medicine to protect their diseases.
Apart from this, we are also talking about providing water, electricity, and transport facilities in the requirements.
The most important thing is that chickens start laying fewer eggs after a while, so your income may decrease. For this, it would be good that the chickens that have become weak and are laying fewer eggs will replace them in at least one year.

The subsidy provided in Uttar Pradesh Poultry Loan Scheme

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is providing subsidy facilities to the beneficiaries under the Poultry Farming Loan Scheme. They will be given subsidies based on various category like 25% subsidy will be shown on the total cost to the people who belong to the general caste. If a person belongs to a scheduled caste and a tribe, then a subsidy of up to 35% will be provided by the government. This will be given to them by NABARD or MMSE. Let us know that you can apply for a 59-minute business loan under MSME.

Loan Amount in Uttar Pradesh Poultry Farming Loan Scheme

This scheme is being run under a Poultry Development Policy policy, which is benefiting people with poultry. Under this policy, beneficiaries are given the option to start units based on two categories. For example, if the beneficiary starts a commercial company with 30 thousand birds, then to start it, they will need a cost of about Rs 1.5 crore, out of which they have to pay at least Rs 50 lakh themselves and the rest on subsidy from the bank. Have to take a loan Apart from this, if they start a commercial unit with 10 thousand birds, it will cost them about 70 lakhs, out of which they will have to pay 21 lakhs, and the remaining loan of 49 lakh rupees will be received from the bank. Therefore, this scheme is benefiting both small and big chicken farmers.

Eligibility Criteria for loans in Uttar Pradesh Poultry Farming Loan Scheme

A resident of Uttar Pradesh: – Those people who live in Uttar Pradesh and want to do a poultry farming business within the boundary of Uttar Pradesh will be included to take advantage of this scheme.
FIELD ELIGIBILITY: – The beneficiary should be someone who has land of at least 1 to 3 acres of his own.
The account in the bank: – Having a report in the bank is necessary for everyone in today’s time; without this, no money can be transacted. And especially when it comes to the government, the government is also encouraging people to do cashless transactions in today’s time.

Documents required under Uttar Pradesh Poultry Farming Loan Scheme

Aadhaar Card: – The beneficiary must have his Aadhar card as his identity. Without this, he will not be considered eligible to apply for the poultry unit.
Identity certificate: – Under this scheme, the beneficiary should carry a document from his driving license, voter ID card, PAN card, or passport.
Proof of address: – To show the beneficiary a resident of Uttar Pradesh, you can submit a copy of the ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill, or lease agreement as proof of address.
Proof of owning land: To prove that the beneficiary has his land, he has to copy his certificate.
Bank passbook or statement: – A copy of the bank passbook or recent critical statement can also be sought from the beneficiary to apply for a loan under this scheme. Therefore, the applicant must also keep this with him.
Project Report: – During the application, the beneficiary will have to make a project report of his poultry unit, which will have complete details of all the things.
Passport size photograph: – Applicants may also have to show passport size photographs during their application. They should also keep this with them.

How to get a loan in Uttar Pradesh Poultry Farming Loan Scheme

Under this, to apply for a loan, you should collect all your papers and take them to any bank branch near you. After reaching there, you will get all the information, and after checking all the documents, your loan will be approved from there, and you will get the loan amount after that.

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In this way, if you are also thinking about starting a kind of animal husbandry unit, then what is the delay? Please submit your application for it and ensure your income.

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